In Nostro, we are special as we make our own coffee, selecting the 5 best varieties of coffee in the world, to create a unique and exclusive variety 100% Arabica. We offer the option to take all our products to your home, beach or office. A world of coffee at Nostro Café Costa waits for you!

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We consider our clients as an extension of Nostro, which is why we would work with you continuously. From our experience, the coffee shops and restaurants we work with achieve best results when they share our passion for serving excellent coffee, so we like maintaining a close relationship with clients. We always have a member of our team who is in charge of personally delivering the coffee and makes periodical visits. This kind of close contact helps us grow with you, because we want you to reach your maximum potential in coffee.


Work with us and Nostro will work for you. We sincerely want you to succeed and for that you must be comfortable making consistently high quality coffee that your customers will talk about.


We’ll help you find high-quality equipment, such as the espresso machine, grinders, filters, and then we will train you to make competition quality espresso shots and pour-overs.


Tell us what your business is about; machines you have, estimated coffee consumption (kg / week), type of location, training needs, etc.

Based on your requirements, we will prepare our proposal with a budget attached.

Machines you have?

Coffee Consumption?

Type of Location

Training Needs