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The 25th October 2008 was the day our Nostro blend was made available for the world to try! Months of tirelessly sourcing, selecting, and tasting combinations of beans from across the coffee-growing world, we honed our Nostro blend as it is today. An irresistible blend of slow roast Arabica coffee beans with a wonderful, rich flavour with a sweet spot of boldness and complexity, the Nostro blend is a closely guarded secret!

Whether served short and bold, folded through milk or blended with ice, we grind our beans fresh for each cup to bring out their full richness of flavour.

What makes our coffee taste so good?


Not just any bean makes it into our blends. The beans we select are grown at high altitudes, in rich soil, and picked by hand at exactly the right time in their harvest cycle. They are simply better quality beans and able to complement our meticulous roasting methods.

Great coffee is our passion

great tasting coffee handcrafted for you

Great coffee is our craft and our passion. If your coffee isn’t to your taste, we’ll happily replace it. Our job is to make your coffee the way you want it, every time you visit us. Our coffee is at the heart of everything we do! Whether we are producing the best coffee or nice treats to go with our amazing drinks, we make sure its made with love. Why not pop over to our facebook profile and see why we are the best! Or if you are more into instagram we have a kick ass profile, and we constantly have giveaways and special offers on all our products so stay tuned and like the page.

Suppling amazing coffee, in house and online

We want to give you the best coffee, the most relaxing moments and an easy experience online to purchase our coffee online. We offer amazing value on our social media but also strongly believe we needed to continue our presence online.  So if you’d like to view our products head right over to our Shop to sample all our goodies.

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